VMAX3 / SC250

Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mat
Vmax3 SC250 is constructed of a permanent, high-strength, three-dimensional matting structure that incorporates a straw/coconut fiber matrix. The straw/coconut fiber matrix enhances the permanent matting component’s initial mulching and erosion control performance for up to 24 months.

SC250 provides extended-term, pre-vegetated erosion protection and permanent turf reinforcement in a wide range of applications, including severe slopes, medium- to high-flow channels, and stream banks. It is proven in extensive laboratory and field research to increase the shear resistance of vegetation up to 10 lbs/ft2 (480 Pa).

With the toughest unreinforced grasses typically failing at shear stress levels of 3.7 lbs/ft2, the high-performance SC250 more than doubles the shear resistance of vegetation. This enables SC250 to be used in applications where rock riprap and concrete were once specified.

Product Specifications: SC250