VMAX3 / C350

Permanent Turf Reinforcement Mat

Vmax3 C350 is composed of a permanent, high-strength, three-dimensional matting structure, incorporated with a 100% coconut-fiber matrix that supplements the permanent matting structure’s initial mulching and erosion control capabilities for up to 36 months.

C350 is designed to provide long-term, pre-vegetated erosion protection and permanent turf reinforcement in a range of applications that include steep slopes, high-flow channels, and shorelines.

Proven in extensive laboratory and field research, C350’s high-strength, 3-D matting structure boosts the shear resistance of vegetation up to an amazing 12 lbs/ft2 (576 Pa).

With permanent erosion protection exceeding that of 30” (0.76 m) rock riprap, C350 provides a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, “green” solution to erosion control projects for severe conditions.

Product Specification: C350