GeoSkinGeoSkin® Straw & Cotton Plant Hydromulch is designed especially for erosion protection and vegetation establishment on mild to moderate slopes, 4:1 to 3:1. It is manufactured within a set of quality guidelines established only after several years of product development and testing were completed. Extreme care is taken to oversee the growth of the raw materials, the processing, packaging and shipping as well as the research and development of this and other landscaping materials, like GeoSkin®XT Hydromulch, made with reclaimed cotton plant material. That means consistent quality, excellent performance and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

By nature, cotton plant materials provide for porosity and are absorbent and biodegradable, an unaltered, near-perfect component for hydromulch. A patent-pending blend of straw, cotton plant materials, additives and tackifiers are combined to make GeoSkin® Straw & Cotton Plant Hydromulch not only strong, but earth-loving and easy to apply. GeoSkin has not only demonstrated excellent results in seed establishment, but is non-toxic and will not harm wildlife, fish or water quality.

Product Specifications: GeoSkin