Shelley officially joined the JPI crew in fall of 2020. Before becoming part of the JPI team, Shelley was a middle school science teacher here in Pennsylvania. But Jobsite Products, Inc is no stranger, as Shelley interned here while completing her B.S. in Environmental Science from Temple University. Shelley is also part of the “family operated” piece of Jobsite Products, as she is Steve’s daughter-in-law and Brooke’s sister-in-law. We’re adding new things to Shelley’s role, but she has been working on Jobsite’s website, marketing, and assisting with the day to day operations.

“After teaching middle school for nearly 10 years, I feel prepared to handle anything! Jokes aside, it’s been great to learn more about E&S industry and the important role these products play in protecting and preserving our environment and waterways.”